Monday, January 29, 2007

Brrr! Prospect Park lake starts to freeze over

Every year, when the temperature stays below 32°F long enough, the lake in Prospect Park forms a sheet of ice over its surface. What is atypical for this particular frozen lake is while the ice is thick enough for ducks and geese to stand on, it's nowhere near sturdy enough for people to walk on, much less skate on.

After years of foolhardy explorers (and those who are just plain dumb) venturing onto the seemingly frozen lake, only to plunge through the thin ice and drowning, the Prospect Park administrators finally posted emergency ladders -- and clear warnings -- all around the perimeter of the lake. We'll see if the contingency will help save the annual crop of numbskulls who think they can defy the laws of physics. My money is on a few more Darwin Award recipients being fished out the bottom of the lake this season by the FDNY.


Acornbud said...

Brr, indeed! The clouds are very pretty in this picture. I hope the sign helps.

Luis Bueno said...

A secretly evil part of me hopes that the sign is ignored -- just long enough for me to snap some pics of a hapless Darwin Award recipient.

I know, I know: that's just plain horrible for me to even hope for. *wink*