Friday, January 12, 2007

A ruddy-cheeked Marcus contemplates jumping the cat

This photo might look like Marcus held still long enough for me to get a shot, but the reality is far different.

Having spotted our cat, Blanca, who is fat, furry, and an excellent magnet for grubby baby hands, he quickly made his way over while in "cruising" mode -- hanging on to the furniture while he side-stepped around, crab-like. The look on his face exhibits the focus he had while repeatedly saying the word "cat," which sounded more like "dah!"

I was fortunate enough grab this particular image by keeping the shutter button pressed for rapid sequence firing. Moreover, if you download this image and zoom in to either of his eyes, you can see my reflection: holding the camera with the bounce flash illuminating the corner of the room. Now that's a good dose of trivial info for the trivial-minded. :)


Lisa said...

What a beautiful boy! I especially like his dimpled chin.

Luis Bueno said...

Thanks! Marcus is my pride and joy. :)

It's hard to take a bad shot of the little Papi, that's for sure. Moreover, sometimes I wonder why it took me so long to grasp this fatherhood thing; it's very rewarding (beyond the photos, of course!).