Thursday, February 08, 2007

A new milestone: Marcus feeds himself with a spoon!

Marcus, who had only turned one year old this past January 21, has been developing in several areas, including walking, pointing at things in recognition, and doing certain things when asked (like clapping!). But up until only a few days ago, the only way we could get Marcus to feed himself was to allow him to scoop up his food with his hands, which, as you can probably guess, usually resulted in a big smeary mess.

Perhaps watching Mommy and Papi eating with utensils, or placing a spoon repeatedly in his hand helped him to realize that there's a better (and neater) way to eat than to hurl food around his high chair, but whatever inspired the little boy, he's finally started to coordinate his hands into the right spooning motions. Well, sort of. :)

In the photo, Marcus just finished a container of sliced peaches. At various points in the self-feeding session, he held the spoon at both ends (even getting some peachy bits on my lens when he managed to flip some toward me) and sometimes used the container as a utensil, if you can imagine how that's possible. I'm sure that soon he'll graduate up to a fork, or perhaps even a serrated hunting knife for the really big kills, but meanwhile, he's just taking baby steps along the way.

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Acornbud said...

Soon he'll be ready for chopsticks! Hope that chair tray holds at least 2 quarts of liquid;)