Thursday, March 01, 2007

At Last! Finished Eating the Granola Bar.

After several days and much gnawing, Marcus finally finishes a granola bar I gave him to keep all of his seven baby teeth occupied in between meals. At the very last, when the granola bar was the merest nub, he popped it whole in his mouth and chewed and drooled it until it was soft enough to swallow. It kept falling out in the meanwhile, which is why the front of his shirt is covered in granola bits and baba (Spanish for baby drool).

This was shot at a high ISO of 1600, with only the kitchen light above for illumination, which is why the image looks a little flat. Unlike the other well-lit photos shot prior to this one on the same day, we decided this was the most adorable, hence a natural for Photo of the Day!

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