Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Compass and Armillary Sphere at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Crystal, Marcus, and I visited the BBG one more time for Mother's Day, along with another small family that Crystal got to know via an online mommy group. Needless to say, a wonderful time was had by all (Marcus ran his little legs off on the Cherry Esplanade), and I got to explore the indoor conservatory where all the tropical flowers and rare blooms are grown.

Naturally, I photographed everything else but the flowers, and the photo above is one such example.

[begin excerpt]
In 1933, the compass and armillary sphere were added to Magnolia Plaza, the bequest of A.W. Jenkins, a member of the Garden's governing committee. The sphere is made of bronze bands representing the principle celestial circles and constellations. A thin bronze rod, or gnomon, passes through the center of the sphere, pointing north and casting a shadow on the inside of the sphere, which can be used to tell the approximate time.
[end excerpt]

-- sourced from

By the way, the B&W treatment and toning was inspired by the excellent imagery in Wade in Tulsa's photostream.

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